Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am officially appreciated by the Army!

So yesterday was a big day for my family. My husband reenlisted for 6 MORE YEARS! Woo that seems like a lot right now. There was a nice small ceremony where my husband was sworn back in and the jokes were in full force. Then to my surprise I got a certificate as well! It was a certificate of appreciation for supporting my soldier. This was the first ceremony I have ever been to, so I fumbled around not knowing whether to shake his hand, grab the certificate, pose for a picture, or run in terror. But it was great. And it was so nice to know that they relies that it’s not just the enlisted member that is making a commitment but the whole family.


  1. Congratulations! And many thanks to your husband and you for your continuing efforts and sacrifices in defense of our country. You both have my deep respect.

  2. That must have felt great, especially following Mother's Day!! I noticed your blog is new...welcome to the blogosphere! Congrats on your recognition! :>

  3. Awww you guys are awesome, Thank you!